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Tok welcomes new lifeguards

Summer is on its way! Around six years ago an outdoor pool became a great addition to the small community of Tok. The pool quickly became a new attraction. Over the years we have had a total of four lifeguards. This year the Tok Lions Club was happy to announce having two new lifeguards join, Rachel Ames and Chairo Espinosa.

Rachel Ames says, “I feel good, I am confident that I can save lives if I need to. Hopefully I don't need to. I'm mainly nervous about the written test and a little bit nervous about the physical test. Depending if I like the job I will continue to be a lifeguard.” I hope she has an amazing summer and enjoys working at the pool.

Chairo says, “I feel alright, I am not confident I will save anyone. I am doubting myself. I feel nervous for the upcoming training. I wanted to experience being a lifeguard. If I like the job I might continue. I'm not sure yet.” I'm excited to see the students engaging in the community and I wish them the best of luck.

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