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Tok School anticipating the birth of Ashley’s baby

Over the previous year, Tok has had quite a baby boom. Almost everyone at the school knows at least two currently pregnant women. Some know many more. 

Our beloved staff member and current cafeteria worker, Ashley LaGrange, happens to be one of those women. She is eight months along, and because she is so close to her due date, many middle and high school students are brimming with the excitement of having a new baby at the school.

“I’m so excited for her to have another baby,” says Holly Beeman. When asked about her opinion on the baby's gender, she said, “I was excited either way because it’s another mini-Ashley being born.”

Dawson Nelson, a lover of all babies, says, “I’m excited to meet the baby. I want to hold it; just hold it all day long, and I’m not giving it up unless Ashley says so.” 

Ashley says, “I’m excited because this is the last one and I’m never going to have to go through pregnancy again. It’s kind of bittersweet though, because even though it’s mainly not enjoyable, there are a few really nice moments I’ll miss.” Regarding the baby’s gender, Ashley says, “I’ve always been more of a boy mom than a “girly” girl mom. Even with Jolene, she’s going to have three brothers and just get the best of both worlds.”

Everyone is clearly excited for Ashley’s baby number four. We hope she recovers well and chooses to come work here again soon with her new, hopefully adorable, baby in her arms.

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