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The Little Middle Wrestlers

Similar to Mr. Hamner's high school wrestling team, he has decided to coach a junior high wrestling team as well. Aiding him is Mr. Fabian, who takes time out of his day to help these kids learn moves and techniques involved in the sport. By becoming a participant, students are getting daily physical activity whilst learning something new. Wrestling hasn't been around as a sport at Tok School in a number of years and Mr. Hamner's revival of the sport has been a great improvement to the school. Wrestling being brought back has given students more options, in case they aren't interested in any of the other sports Tok has to offer.

Middle School Wrestling Meet and Travel Schedule:5

Practice begins January 12th.

January 28-29th- Valdez.

February 5th- possibly in Delta.

February 11-12th- Randy Smith (Fairbanks).

February 19th- Glennallen.

February 24-26- Tanana.

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