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Testing season at Tok School

This past week has been state testing for all Alaskan students. The 9th graders have to take state testing for English and math. Eighth grade and 10th grade both have to take the state science and MAP testing. Juniors just have to take the MAP testing and seniors don't do MAP testing at all. I asked some students and teachers how their testing went.

Sophomore Vaughn Arnold said, “It was so fun; I finished testing so fast and I took a nap after. I’m the best in my class except for Creede. They should provide better snacks instead of string cheese; they should get something like crackers.”

Teacher Ms. Burnham said,“For teachers, it was a boring and stressful responsibility. I had to collect phones from students. All the freshmen were present and excellent during testing. They engaged in testing and I'm hoping they did well.”

Freshmen Kalvin Roach said, “Testing was boring and way too long, in my opinion. The snacks were okay and could've been better. The snacks were apples, cookies, cheese sticks, and carrots.” 

Sounds like they had a mixed time while testing… at least they had snacks!

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