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Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week was established in 1953 by the First Lady, Elenor Roosevelt. The week of May 8th-12th is recognized as Teacher Appreciation Week. A week to give gratitude, thanking the Teachers for all their hard work and dedication. They spend all school year teaching and often taking time out of their own busy lives to help the students, school, and community with various activities and events. They often spend time after school to help their students get caught up and become successful. They go above and beyond volunteering in various ways. Teacher Appreciation Week is about celebrating our Educators and thanking them for the amazing work they do.

Teacher Ms. Burnham says, “It makes me feel seen and recognized as you have possibly made a difference.” Other teachers agree with this as well, with Ms. Lindsay saying, “It’s nice to be appreciated, we do a lot of work and it's nice to get a thank you every now and then.” And Ms. O’Neil said, “It makes teachers feel appreciated with all the hard work we do.”

Here’s how to show your appreciation to teachers: gift cards, snacks, school supplies, flowers, say thank you for everything, thank you cards, etc. All week next week, just appreciate your teachers and show them how much they helped you. Thank the amazing teachers!

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