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Senior Spotlight: Mya Brinkman

Mya Brinkman is a 17 year old senior at Tok School, she has been attending Tok School for 12 years. Mya says the thing she will miss most about Tok School is seeing her friends everyday. She describes her high school experience as “interesting, boring and slow”. Mya is also a very active person and played basketball since she was in elementary and went on to play varsity sports for the Tok Wolverines. The classes Mya dreaded the most were Mrs. Burnham's.

Mya is a relatively hard working young lady but she says the rule she broke the most was “being on time”. Mya’s advice to an incoming freshman is “just do the work and don’t be annoying ” Mya also says she's changed since being a freshman by “ not being as doing crazy things and being loud anymore”. Mya said she likes school and will miss it especially finding Kaitlyn von Wilson the 3rd in the halls every passing period. She wishes she could go on a senior trip to California, but school trip or not were proud Mya is graduating

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