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Senior Spotlight: Mason Copeland

Mason Copeland is a 17-year-old at Tok School. He attended Tok School in 4th-6th grade and then left, before coming back halfway through his junior year. Since his return, he has been involved in student council as well as sports. This year he was the student council president, which he says was one of his biggest accomplishments. “Although it's Tok school and it doesn't mean much, I'd have to say being the student council president, class president and salutatorian are my biggest accomplishments. It's not much considering my graduating class is 10 people but on paper it looks good.” Mason was involved in hockey here in Tok and football in Utah.

Mason says his biggest supporter during high school was his family. “It's hard to pick one person because I have been supported by everyone in my immediate family + grandparents.” Mason plans to “hopefully work at the mine for a couple of years to save money to go to flight school in either Oregon or San Diego.” His favorite year was “the last semester of my freshman year to the first semester of my sophomore year because I had the best friends I've ever had. A lot of good memories were made and the school I was at was really cool.” Mason's favorite underclassmen are “Chairo and Griffin.”

Mason says the best part about being a senior is “knowing I'm almost done with school and stupid assignments I don't wanna do. The worst part is realizing that I have to be an adult with adult responsibilities. In school we have guidance counselors to help guide us through everything but outside of school you don't, I mean you have your parents and whoever you look to for help, but at some point they're gonna have to let you figure it out on your own.”

Congratulations Mason, we hope you have a bright future.

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