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Senior Spotlight: Cody Charlie

Cody Charlie is 18 and will be graduating at 18. Cody has attended Tok School for his whole life. Cody played ball for all of his middle school years and all of his high school years. Cody played basketball and hockey, and just a little bit of wrestling, and his favorite memory was going to state his sophomore year and coming in 2nd. Good luck Cody!

How long have you attended Tok School?

C: All 12 years

What are the best and worst parts about being a senior?

C: Probably playing ball, and that's it.

Who is the teacher you admired the most?

C: Mr. Hamner

What are you gonna do after high school?

C: Work for Kinross

What rule did you break the most while here?

C: Being late for class I guess

What is the most challenging task as a senior?

C: I don't know pretty easy

Give me three words that describe your high school experience.

C: Fun, exciting, and sometimes boring I guess

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

C: Working somewhere

What's your favorite sports memory?

C: Going to state my sophomore year

Which school year was your favorite?

C: My sophomore year

Nicknames during school?

C: Nothing

Your best friends throughout school?

C: Michael, Chairo, Ethan, Craig, Daniel, Riley.

Who are your favorite underclassmen?

C: Chairo

A Secret you have?

C: Nothing

Biggest accomplishment?

C: About to graduate high school

Things that bug you?

C: Nothing

Strangest thing you have ever eaten in school.

C: Never ate any food here so…

Unforgivable memories?

C: Going to state.

One thing you wish you did in high school?

C: Winning state(basketball)

One thing you regret doing in high school?

C: That I joined wrestling… for like a week.

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