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Prom 2023 definitely happened

Prom took place last Saturday, May 13, 2023, at the Visitor Center, from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. It was hosted by Ms. Lindsay and the junior class. There was a prom court consisting of the prom king, queen, prince and princess. Ethan Gunter and Kailie Champagne won king and queen, and John Adkins and Tenyelle Gunter won prince and princess.

Several students who attended the event were interviewed and all seemed to have had a similar prom experience.

Jeffry Alsup says, "I think that prom was okay. I don't think the playlist was very good and you couldn't dance to the music very well, and there could've been more effort.”

Holly Beeman says, “I think had they put more effort into it, it could have been a lot better. Overall a six out of ten, because the music choice was rough and the decorations didn't have much effort.”

Tenyelle Gunter says, “It was pretty boring. Everyone sat down the whole time basically, and the music was alright, but they needed a better DJ. The snacks were not it. The picture booth was nice. If everyone was actually out on the dance floor it would have been more fun.”

The students who won prom court were interviewed as well about how they felt.

John Adkins says, “I know everyone voted me because they thought it was funny, but I think it was kinda cool personally, and my family thinks it's cool.”

Tenyelle Gunter says “I was happy it happened once while I was in high school.”

Ethan Gunter says, “It was alright.”

Kailie Champagne says, “I felt like it was a joke and it was actually really homely.”

Overall many were disappointed in the decorations, music and amount of people actually dancing.

Hopefully next year's junior class will take into account these criticisms and plan prom accordingly.

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