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MS Basketball Overall

Mr. Schoeneberg and Ms. Nestler have done a great job at coaching these Junior High basketball players. After interviewing a seventh grade female basketball player she had many kind remarks. She mentioned that Ms. Nestler is a very kind and supportive coach and always helps the team to push themselves to their full potential. Though they’ve had their ups and downs, they’ve managed to push through it and persevere regardless. These players seem to enjoy practicing with their coaches and have remained positive when talking about their experiences. They look forward to all the tournaments that are to come and are more than willing to put in the effort and practice it takes to improve.

By playing throughout the season, the students have learned good sportsmanship, made new friends from other schools, and learned new skills that they will never forget. The team admits that the Delta versus Tok tournament was definitely not one of their best moments but have learned from it and will continue to learn from their mistakes and ultimately do better. Their sportsmanship managed to improve during the Tok versus Northway tournament where, although they lost, they kept a good attitude and focused on having fun and improving their skills. As for home games, the game itself seemed quite stressful but many of the players admitted they were just tired and that they were proud regardless of the scores.

We remain supportive of these teams and are proud to see them play. They plan on continuing to play, attend practices, and keep up the good work. With the rate they’re at, these young athletes will go into high school and will be even more proud representatives of Tok School. Though they may not seem like the most promising team, they take the criticism and use it to improve without taking it to heart. As young athletes, they understand that this is just a learning experience and take it just as that. So, continue to be proud, happy, and promising athletes that represent Tok School in the best ways.

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