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Middle School Dance

The middle school dance took place on Friday, May 5th. Many students reported to be excited for the dance, and they were all very enthusiastic. When asked what their expectations for the dance were, Benjamin Ames said, “It will be really fun, and it's gonna be sparkly and we're gonna have a fog machine.” Another middle schooler, Emma Coleman said, “I hope it will go, like, really really good.” Some students, however, expressed that they did not have high expectations for the dance, with Joan Adkins saying “I hope it will be fun, but it might be a little boring.”

During the dance awards were given to the following: Cheyenne Hipp and Robert Apok both won best dressed at the dance, S’chaiiy Felix won best dancer and Alianna Lance and Robert Apok won cutest couple.

After the dance many who attended reported to have enjoyed it. Robert Apok said he loved it because of “his girlfriend.” Kathryn Ames said “It was so fun, and I danced the whole time. Now my legs are sore.” And Kalvin Northway-Roach saying “It was pretty good, and it could've been a lot better.” Some students voiced that there could have been improvements to the dance. Trey Hillary said, “It was mid, because the music was garbage.” And Kalvin said that the decorations were pretty bad. Some middle schoolers said that it was more fun than they expected while others said it met their expectations. Joan said, “It was basically how I expected it to be.”

Hopefully they can take into account the positive and negative feedback to improve future middle school dances.

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