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Girls Bathroom, Fix It!!!

Tok School needs to upgrade the girls bathroom all over campus. There are a lot of things wrong in the bathrooms, some of the things in the bathroom have been broken for a long time. Now that I finally got the chance to observe it, I've seen all the mess ups in the girls bathroom. All of which are that each bathroom has at least 2 things broken, wrong, or they just need to add things to it.

First of all in the secondary girls bathroom there is a leaky toilet that has been there since... well I don't even know how long, I just know it's been there for a while now. One of the hand dryers has been broken for 2 years now, and yet no one has fixed it. In the two middle stalls the trash can cover is missing so you can see into the stall next to you, that has been broken for a few years now as well.

Moving on to the girls locker room, some of the lockers in there can't open, there's no trash bags in there so girls just end up throwing their feminine stuff in the trash can that has no trash bag so it gets all over in there. Additionally it also has a leaky toilet in the big stall, and the small stall in there has a lock on it but it doesn't reach the hole to lock it. So it cannot lock, you have to have someone hold it from the outside or just wait for the big stall. The little kids' girls bathroom doesn't have that much wrong with it other than the fact that there is no lock on one of the stalls.

I went around and took polls to find out what the girls in high school had to say about it. They all said we should get an upgrade in the bathrooms, some girls even said “hell yeah”! You can tell the girls really want the bathroom to be a “good bathroom”. I had also taken polls on if they would want a Tampon and Pad dispenser, they all said it would be really helpful to the ones that need it. So Tok listen up, fix the girls bathroom!!

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