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This whole thing with Covid and with quarantine: You start to believe that this world will never be the same again. You start to think that you won't go to sleepovers anymore, go to birthday parties, or have fun the way people grew up on. Nowadays the kids living during this pandemic are unable to go out with their friends without being scared of catching Covid-19 and bringing it back to their families. Since this whole thing started back in 2019 in Wahan, China, everyone has been on a skinning limb, scared to go outside and enjoy life without looking over their shoulder. Over time, there have been 219 million cases recorded and 4.55 million deaths. Covid-19 hit the world without cause, unexpected, and we don't know why things happen in this world but they do and people have no idea what to do when they occur.

In families, people die. You have to watch them while they suffer. For most people that get Covid-19, it’s hard to treat it. There is really nothing that the hospitals can do other than make them feel comfortable when they take their last breath. Covid has taken its toll on the world, spreading little by little, taking life and hope as we know it. As we start to make our way back to school, work, eating out with families, and spending time with friends, you begin to forget that Covid-19 is happening. Then life goes back to being “normal” as we thought, then Covid hits us. Someone in your family gets Covid and now you have to stay away from people, you have to keep your distance. You stay trapped in your house like a prisoner.

From being in quarantine for 4 or more months, people begin to lose confidence in talking to people and they start to get shy and unable to express themselves in person. Adults and kids started to have anxiety when they were introduced back to the world. People are losing their jobs due to this pandemic, because owners of restaurants or other businesses have to shut or close their businesses so they can try and slow the outbreak of Covid-19. Due to this, families are going broke and losing their homes because they can not pay for it anymore. They are winding up on the streets and homeless.

What I have to say about this whole thing is that we can’t let Covid-19 win. We can stand up and wear our masks so life can go back to the normal we all know and wish to have right now. In the future, they will write about this pandemic in history books, and you don't want them to write about how we all gave up during this time. We can do this, keep the 6 feet distance and wear our masks so this can all end in time. We all know it's gonna end later rather than sooner but we can all help the process. We can help each other, be there for each other and for the families that have lost loved ones. From my life, some people that I care about had caught Covid and I felt so helpless and scared. I knew that the only thing I can do for them is be there and try to let them know that they are loved. We should be helping as much as we can with friends and family who have or had Covid-19.

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