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Corona Crisis

Lately, the Tok area has become a Corona town. With the new variant called the "Omicron", it is easier to catch, with symptoms usually being mild. The Southeast Fairbanks area, which includes Tok, has had 71 cases in the last 14 days. With Tok being a small community as it is a few cases can turn into half of the town. As Covid-19 is affecting the community it is also affecting all schools in AGSD. Tok School usually has approximately 35 high school students but with the new variant, the population inside the school has decreased.

With many individuals being exposed, the school is now in code Orange, which is a new color from the previous Covid-19 protocol. Code Orange means that there is a medium to high risk of transmission within the school. This means there are no visitors allowed in the school, everyone must wear their mask at all times and all should practice social distancing.

At this time we should practice protocol as well as social distancing.

Stay safe out there Tok!

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