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Upcoming Volleyball Season

Attention Students of Tok School - High school volleyball will be starting soon. The first day of practice will be on September 8th. To join volleyball you will need: a sports physical, to watch the TAD video, volleyball equipment, a GPA of 2.0, and a sports fee. You can get your sports physical at our local clinic. For volleyball equipment you will need knee pads, shoes, and athletic clothing. Ask your advisory teacher about the TAD video. The volleyball coach is Becca Warren.

The volleyball schedule will read as follows:

September 24-24 vs. Tri Valley

September 30th vs. Nenana

October 1-2 vs. Tok Tournament

October 5th vs. Glenallen

October 8-9 vs. @Nenana Tournament

October 12th vs. @Glennallen

October 29-30 vs. @Su Valley Tournament

November 4-6 vs. @Tri Valley Tournament

November 18-20 Conf. Tournament (Tok)

December 2-4 State Tournament (Anchorage)

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