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Senior Spotlight- Teddy

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Intro to Teddy interview: Teddy Northway is an 18-year-old senior at Tok School, graduating at the end of the school year. Teddy has been attending Tok School every year since he was in kindergarten. He was involved in hockey for thirteen years, and basketball throughout his middle and high school years.

Q: How long have you attended Tok School?

A: My whole life.

Q: What was the most fun class you've taken? What made it fun?

A: Physical Exercise. Exercising made it fun.

Q: Did you ever wish Tok had more students?

A: No.

Q: What did you dread most about going into high school?

A: Not much.

Q: If you could create any class, what would it be? And why?

A: Reading. To get better at it.

Q: What are the best and worst parts about being a senior?

A: The best your gonna get out of here, the worst part is your gonna get out of here.

Q: What was the most embarrassing moment for you in high school?

A: I don’t have one.

Q: What sports did you play well in school?

A: Basketball, and hockey.

Q: Who is the teacher you admired the most?

A: Kelso. He was always there, and supportive of me

Q: What rule did you break the most while here?

A: Wearing a hood.

This is in fact pretty true, I think if you see him in the hallway, there is a really good chance his hood will be on

Q: What is one outrageous thing you desperately want to do before you die?

A: Go to Mars.

Q: What is the most challenging task as a senior?

A: Accepting the fact, we are going to graduate.

Q: If you had a senior trip, where would you want to go? And why?

A: North Korea, to become the leader

Q: Are you going to miss going to school here after you graduate? Why, or why not.

A: No, I had to use my brain.

Q: What's the funniest thing that has happened in class?

A: Probably Vincent jumping out a window.

I asked Vincent about this time and said “ Sacrificing my dry socks was worth it for someone’s laughter”.

Q: What is your favorite high school memory?

A: Going to state for basketball.

Last year, Tok high school’s boys’ team did really well in the regionals, making them qualify for state. They attend the state tournament in Anchorage. They were able to play against teams from all over Alaska, and even make it into the championship. They ended up getting second, but even though they did not win, all the boys on the team seemed to love the experience.

Q: Which class throughout your high school experience did you dread the most? What made it so dreadful?

A: English, it was lit.

Q: Give me three words that describe your high school experience.

A: Fun, memorable, fantastic.

Q: What is one thing you learned throughout high school?

A: Math.

Ms. Brush said that he was a master in Algebra and good in factoring.

Q: Where is the first place that you want to travel after you graduate? And why?

A: Australia, that way I can box a kangaroo.

Kangaroo boxing is in fact actually somewhat a thing now. Is it safe? No, it is one of the worst ways that you can set yourself up to play. People have died from trying to pick up fights with them.

Even though we all are happy for him he is graduating, we will all miss him. Congratulations Teddy! We all wish you well in life.

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