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Winter in Alaska - where did it go?

Winter in Alaska this year has not been very fun due to the amounts of snow and the fact that we can still see the sidewalk. This year in Tok, the snow percentage has been drastically lower than the previous years. Over the past years, Tok has had more snow but snow during the winter but this year has left the people of Tok stunned and not able to ride their snowmachines. Where is the snow? 

The snow is in the midwest of the United States, with many feet of snow almost daily in some of the most odd places snow could be. This winter has been one of the years with the least amount of snow for a long time and Tok hopes to have a better winter in the following years.

In the week of 01/21/24 - 01/26/24 in Tok, Alaska, it has snowed more than the previous weeks, but the snow is still shallow - why? This is due to the amount of humidity in the Tok area being so low and the air being so dry. Due to the dry air, the accumulation of the snow has been lessened, therefore, causing Tok to not be snowed on. The dry air has some other cons too, such as barely being able to breath when we step outside our front doors, and trying to keep all buildings warm, such as businesses or homes. With the less snow the easier, it is to drive on the road, so there are pros when it comes to not much snow - but not many pros.

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