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Tok School- Student Opinion!

As this school year is coming to an end some students have expressed their feelings towards school. I asked three questions to kids all around the school and here is what I asked and what they answered with.

“Are you sad that the school year is coming to an end?”

Robert- Noooooo!

Tenyelle- No, I can't wait for this school year! It is horrible!

Shania- I'm sad that I won't see my friends daily but also glad because I don't need to stress or worry about teachers!

Autumn- Yes, just joking, no I'm not…

Chairo- No, bro I'm happy as [redacted]

Dewayne - I don’t know

Micaiah- Nah.

Zach- No not really

Tristan- Not really

Aiden- I don't know

Tryg- Yeah!

Dominic- Shakes head “No”

Melody-Yeah but I'm excited

Tasha- No

“What's one this you like about school and what's one thing you don't like about school?”

Chairo - Nothing and Everything.

Tenyelle - Basketball and a specific staff member

Rachel - Some people here and some of the staff.

Jeffrey- I like the people and I don't like the people.

Holly- I like seeing everyone every day, and I dislike doing math and biology.

“What's one thing you want the school to change?”

Ally- The time. Like how long school is, like, yearly, like, the school should be over.

Tenielle- The bathroom and get a new gym and get new jerseys.

Lucas H- The classrooms and the gym floor and the rims

Creede- Let high school go outside and let us go to the bathroom whenever we want and change the passing period to 5 minutes

Lucas L-The short days to be Fridays

Shania- Having the bathroom doors back, less “racist” people

Autumn- The people need to change and need to respect each other

So with that, this is how some students feel about the school and what their opinion here is.

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