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Tok Finally Welcomes Baby LaGrange

A new, adorable little baby was welcomed into the LaGrange family on the 13th of March, 2024. Ashley LaGrange hit her ninth month of pregnancy in March and the anticipation was heavy. Almost everyone was extremely excited to finally meet the baby. Out of nowhere, new posts popped up on her social media with an exciting surprise: her new baby was finally here! At 7lbs 11oz and 19.75” Lewis Karl was born healthy and without complications. After only a few short weeks, Ashley returned from her maternity leave looking happy and quite a bit smaller. A couple of students from Tok School shared their thoughts on the new baby.

Holly Beeman says, “When I saw over spring break that she birthed her child I was excited because there was yet another new baby in Tok. I think Lewis is an adorable newborn.”

“He's the cutest little baby I have ever seen," says Joan Adkins, "His face is so tiny and his fingernails are so cuteee. I didn't get to hold him yet so that's really sad."

Dawson Nelson says, “I got to hold him at a birthday party and he's so cute. He has a butt chin and he has long fingers and he's like…" She followed this with a couple of strange excited noises, "and I would hold him all day if I could."

Lewis's mom, Ashley, tells how things have been post-pregnancy. "It's been good, except for last night when Lewis and Jolene were both crying. One would start crying and when they stopped the other would start. Other than that, it's been good for this first month." 

She also added "I was told originally that boys are so much easier than girls as babies, so I had the boys and then I had Jolene and forgot what having a boy baby was like… I have been peed on and pooped on so many times! Jolene never did that. They were lying, girls are so much easier."

All of us at Tok School are very happy to have Ashley back and are glad that her pregnancy went well. And we can’t wait to see who Lewis will grow up to be!

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