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Summer Fever

With the school year coming to an end, its no secret students and staff are starting to plan out their summer. All of us have been wondering about what our classmates and staff will be doing to keep busy in the summer. I went around asking staff and students what their plans are for the summer and what they do to stay busy.

Jeffry Alsup said, “I plan on working at Fast Eddys this summer as well as attending Sitka Fine Arts Camp to stay busy this summer. I will also be hanging out with my friends and spending lots of time outside.”

Marissa Neumann plans on “traveling to Washington to see my friends and family. I will be working for the GAP summer camp during June, and my parents and I will be making a trip to Eagle. I will just spend my time with my friends in any spare time I have.”

Ms Fifarek said, “This summer I will be working on getting ready for next school year. We will also have the kids for at least part of the summer break so I plan on spending time with them, hiking, camping, and enjoying getting to sleep in as long as I want. I may do some traveling around the state, but nothing is set in stone yet. The best part of summer vacation for me is having that freedom in my schedule.”

Tristan May noted that he will “work at Sourdough.”

Charlize Brinkman said, “For summer I’m going to the forest and go to the pool, and I’m going to hang out with my cousin.”

Ashley LaGrange is “looking forward to a summer of not being pregnant so I can work on the house and go hunting and fishing. I’ll also be working at summer school if it happens.”

Ms. Hazelton is “doing dealer trades on Mercedes and BMWs, and lots of camping!”

Ms. Braatz is looking forward to summer with big plans. She says, “I hope to travel, and I’m possibly working for free all summer.”

Claire Talus excitedly said, “I'm going to go to Soldovia with my parents, and I’m going to go to the lower 48 to visit family. I also got hired to work at Sourdough.”

Janafer noted, “I don’t have any big plans besides getting a job. I don’t usually have big plans except hanging out with friends.”

Chairo will reportedly “Work, play games.”

With all of these glorious responses, we can tell that everyone in Tok will have a fantastic summer. The older interviewees plan on working and simply having a great time. With the summer such a short time away, we can feel the excitement for school to be over in the air.

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