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Successful Cultural Exchange

Have you ever been to a ranch? After some controversy, the senior class split up the senior trip. Two boys attended San Diego and two girls, including me, attended Mr. Hamner’s ranch. Another student and I took off from the Tok at 7pm Tuesday and arrived in Wyoming around 6 the next evening. The ranch and home were beautiful; they had sheep and horses in walking distance.

The trip was full of learning experiences and fun events. I personally had a really great time learning about how different life was in Wyoming. We attended the school for lunch and spoke with the juniors about our life and exchanged information about the places we live. The students and staff were very welcoming and kind. We also met many people who actually knew people from, or have been to, Tok and/or Alaska.

We sheared sheep, which was also a great learning experience and something we have never seen before. We traveled to a ranch a couple hours away and branded cattle as well as gave them shots. At first things were new and scary but everyone was very welcoming and helpful and we got to learn hands-on. Every place we visited, people were kind, welcoming, patient and helpful.

We went horseback riding with a young lady we met at the school and it was really exciting for my travel companion because she had never been on a horse. We met a lot of amazing people and exchanged numbers with some of the students to keep in touch and made lifelong friends. If you get the opportunity I recommend visiting, it is a whole new world and lifestyle, and you can see how you take your own lifestyle for granted every day.

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