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Richard Fraser tournament to begin February 8th

There was a well-known man named who lived in Tok named Richard Fraser. Fraser’s nickname was “Dick” and he would cook for the teams that would travel to play and try to dominate Tok. When Fraser passed, the school named the tournament in his honor. Tok is full of basketball talent and each year there is one tournament that tests teams like nothing before. 

The Richard Fraser tournament is where many teams in the region determine which team takes the number one spot and it is taking place this upcoming weekend. The teams that are coming to try and dominate the court are Fort Yukon, Northway, Effie Kokrine, Huslia, Tri-Valley, and Minto. Haines’ boys team was also signed up for the tournament, but weather conditions caused the team to drop their spot, making room for both Fork Yukon teams. The games will commence on Thursday, February 8th at 10:00 am and will go through Friday and Saturday to determine the team who comes out victorious. 

Last year's Richard Fraser tournament went as usual for Tok boys varsity, as they placed first and became victorious among the other teams but for the JV boys team, the tournament did not go very well. This coming week will give the Tok basketball team some time to prepare for the tournament and will help the team be ready for what is to come. This year, the boys are 7-7 in total games and we are 3-0 in conference. Chairo Espinosa is our leader in three-point shots and gets four steals per game on average, while Griffin Jacobs is the top scorer with 26 points per game average. We hope it also goes well for the girls’ THS basketball team, who are currently 1-4 in total games and are 1-2 in conference. The team’s conference win against Effie Kokrine should give them confidence in their performance going forward.

Below are the brackets for the upcoming tournament.

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