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My Beautiful Thoughts On This Quarter

This first quarter of my sophomore year has gone exactly how I hoped it would go. If you know me personally you would know how I tend to freak out and talk to all of my teachers to make sure my grades are good. I was not always like this, in middle school I used to just mess around and try to be "cool". Since 8th grade, I have been extra cautious and have tried to do very well in school so I can graduate and go to college.

Although academically I am doing very well, there has also been ups and downs for this quarter. I am honestly very scared about if there will be an outbreak of Covid-19 again, and how I did not do very well when we had to shut down for about 2 months. Other than Covid I am very excited for what this school year has to offer, I will be sad though that we will not be in this class until the 3rd quarter.

My favorite time in this class has been when Kaitlyn farts so much that it seems like she is going to defecate. This class is always full of laughter, grumpiness, controversy, and farts. I have a feeling that even when I'm old and saggy I will remember this class and still feel the way I do now. Although I feel as if this first quarter was easy this upcoming quarter is going to bite me in the butt. I am already stressing out over having to take the ACT in December and how bad I will probably do but I have hope that I will still do as good as I am capable of. A big thank you to Ms.Fifarek for being able to put up with us (even though there was a few times we were too much) and teaching us new things through this class. I will also miss watching my bestie Jay Smooth every Monday for media literacy Mondays.

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