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The day of August 26, 2021 started off as a normal back to school day. Halfway through the second period something startling happened - Tok School had a fire drill. The school went on its usual drill routine, we got outside as fast as we could, and walked calmly to the hockey rink. Mr.Larrabee explained the fire drill and what was going to happen when we entered the building again. The day seemed normal again, or so we thought. Right before lunch we found out that an elementary school kid had ran away from recess. He had gotten upset about something and he thought that the right thing to do was to run away! He was missing for about 5 minutes, luckily a staff member had found him in his home class.

But why do we have fire drills in the first place? As the principal, Mr.Larrabee, had said in a one on one interview, they do fire drills because of what happened in Chicago in 1958. During this time “Our Lady Of Angel School '' had a fire occur but the school was unprepared for it. So, in conclusion, one of the doors they were trying to escape out of was locked; due to that 92 students and 3 nuns had perished in the fire. So now we do fire drills all over the world so we won't have the same fate as them.

In the month of September of 2021 there will be a fire/evacuation drill for the whole Tok School. It will be held the second week of September and sometime in the afternoon.

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